An RSS reader running entirely from your GitHub repo.

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An RSS reader running entirely from your GitHub repo.

How to use it?

Github Pages

  1. Use the NotFeed-Template generate your own repository.
  2. In the repository root, open Config.toml file, click the “Pencil (Edit this file)” button to edit.
  3. Remove # to uncommend the cacheUrl property, replace <github_username> with your GitHub username, and replace <repo> with your GitHub repo name.
  4. In the sources, update the items to the sources you want to follow. The final content of the file should look similar to this:

    site_title = "ArxivDaily"
    cache_max_days = 7
    sources = [
    # proxy = "" ## Optional: default is None
    # statics_dir   = "statics"       ## Optional: default is "statics"
    # templates_dir = "includes"      ## Optional: default is "includes"
    # cache_url = ""
    # minify = true
    # [scripts]
    # highlight = "scripts/highlight.rhai"
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click “Commit changes” button.
  6. Once the rebuild finishes, your feed will be available at https://<github_username><repo>


  1. Clone the NotFeed-Template repository.
  2. Edit Config.toml file.
  3. Run notfeed
    • build: notfeed build
    • serve: notfeed serve --addr --port 8080 or simply notfeed serve